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What is a Sex Swing?

Sex Swings: Are they for me?

If you and your partner are looking to mix it up or just try something new, buying a sex swing can be an excellent way to embark on a new adventure or try new positions without spraining something....

PleasureThe Surprising Bond Between Cannabis & Pleasure - by AIMA

The Surprising Bond Between Cannabis & Pleasure - by AIMA

Marijuana has often been painted with a brush of misconception and negativity, primarily due to its legality, which varies around the globe. However, the more we delve into the potential benefits o...

PleasureWhy do we get hornier over the holidays?

Why do we get hornier over the holidays?

Have you found yourself especially horny lately? Does the sight of a Christmas tree make you want to get ~especially cozy~ with your partner?

Pleasurewax play cliterally the best

Wax Play

Wax play is exactly what it sounds like! Often, it consists of one partner dripping wax onto another during or before sex. Wax play can be a great way to incorporate some excitement and thrill in t...

PleasureHow To Choke In Bed (as safe as possible)

How To Choke In Bed (as safe as possible)

Over 60% of you have tried Choking in the bedroom at least once. This sexual act can be super dangerous when done incorrectly and most of us don't know how to do it correctly - we simply squeeze a...

Pleasuredemystifying the female orgasm cliterally the best

Demystifying The Female Orgasm

Growing up I learnt at a very early age that masturbation was something only males should partake in. I remember being 13 when the boys in my class would taunt the girls asking if they finger thems...

PleasureHow To Tell Your Partner What You Like In Bed

How To Tell Your Partner What You Like In Bed

We all struggle with it at some point for many reasons. Our lack of sex ed, the shame we learn growing up etc. Whatever the reason, it makes it an unnecessarily awkward conversation but when you ma...

PleasureYour Sweetest Self-Care-On-Lockdown Guide

Your Sweetest Self-Care-On-Lockdown Guide

Did you realize that you may be being asked to use this time of sweet you-time-isolation to your advantage? Yes, that means time to focus on you. What a gift!