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Disability & Pleasure

People With Disabilities Deserve Pleasure Too!

I’m Ginny from My Disabled Sex Life.

You may think or have been told that due to disabilities you can't or shouldn’t have sex – I'm going to tell you why this is entirely wrong and how to get the most out of your pleasure!

Sex & Disabilities

It may seem like a scary thing to think about, how to start having good sex with disabilities. I know I found it very difficult.

I didn’t know what to tell my partners about my disability, I struggled with painful symptoms and didn’t speak up about it and found sex a confusing world. But since learning and reading helpful tips and sharing my experience with others, sex has become a hugely important part of my life again.

If you have taken a break from sex because of disability or weren’t really sure where to start, let me reassure you. You’re welcome in this space. Disabled people are sexy. Disabled people deserve to have pleasure and fun sex lives. Sex is for everyone to enjoy! 

You may think or have been told that due to disabilities you can't or shouldn’t have sex, or maybe even experienced comments from people that no one will want you because of your disability. This is entirely wrong! There has been a long-standing assumption that sex isn’t for disabled people. This has stemmed from Ableist views that only non-disabled people that are “pretty” and thin should be experiencing sex and relationships. Boring! The reality is that so many disabled people across the world with a range of abilities, who all look and experience themselves very differently are having great sex and relationships. 

It’s so important to know that you are special and individual and you can experience the joy of sex like everyone else. 

I asked disabled people to come forward and talk to me about their sex lives and there was a huge range of different disabilities.

Yes, there can be problems that arise when having sex with disabilities but there are lots of ways to adapt and overcome issues. Communicating thoughts and feelings with partners and having an open relationship with a disability can lead to huge improvements.

How To Have Good Sex With Disabilities

My Favourite Disabled-Friendly Sex Toys

The sex toy market can indeed be tricky to navigate as a disabled person. Some products can be difficult to grip or hold, some can have fiddly buttons, not work with your anatomy or a host of other reasons.

Here are some toys that I have found, used or think could be helpful.

The Ruby Glow Blush

The ruby glow is a hands-free ride-on vibrator that was designed for use while sitting in a chair. I love this toy because it's non-penetrative and very light and small. It’s easy to get into position and can be helpful for people with vaginismus as well as disabilities.

Use code ‘GINNY’ at the checkout for £5 off.

Charmed Sweet Vibes Wand

Wands are great powerful all-rounders and there is a wand out there for everyone, big or small, mains powered, with attachments and in any variation you can imagine.

Wands are generally great because they are powerful vibrators with a large soft head which means the vibration can be directed anywhere.

Evie and I are both in agreeance that this is one of the greatest wands of all times.

One side features a soft silicone fin and the other a round ball that is used the same way as a traditional wand. The curved tip is perfect for slipping around your body.

Check out Evie’s sex toy discount codes for 15% off!

Hot Octopuses Pulse Solo

For you lovely penis owners here is a vibrating sleeve with a difference.

The Hot Octopuss is great, it’s a silicone sleeve that delivers powerful vibration without the need for an erection to be maintained so it doesn’t exclude some penis users like other sleeves, rings or masturbators.

Books For Sex With Disabilities

Handi, Jess Tarpey, Katy Venables, Andrew Gurza

The Handi Book of Love, Lust & Disability

"The Handi Book of Love, Lust and Disability unearths new conversations on sex, relationships and disability. It's beautifully designed and full of raw, powerful and inspiring stories, poetry and artwork from 50 phenomenal contributors from the disabled community."



Sex and Disability

"Sex and Disability, unites two terms that the popular imagination often regards as incongruous. What if "sex" and "disability" were understood as intimately related concepts? And what if disabled people were seen as both subjects and objects of a range of erotic desires and practices?"


Cory Kaufman, Miriam, Silverberg, Fran Odette

Ultimate Guide To Sex And Disability: For All of Us Who Live With Disabilities, Chronic Pain and Illness

"The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is the first complete sex guide for people who live with disabilities, pain, illness, or chronic conditions. Useful for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, the book addresses a wide range of disabilities - from chronic fatigue, back pain, and asthma to spinal cord injury, hearing and visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Expertly written by a medical doctor, a sex educator, and a disability activist."


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