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"Consider Evie your sexual pleasure fairy godmother" - Zoella

Hello, I'm Evangeline Plumb, also known as Evie, a Digital Marketing Manager and Sex Educator. I specialise in pleasure, sex education, and illustration. I am qualified in sex education, focusing on adult learners, and I am proud to be an ambassador for the youth-led charity, Fumble.

In July 2020, amidst the pandemic, I launched "Cliterally The Best". The goal of this project is to assist adults who have been let down by their inadequate sex education and help them unlearn the misconceptions surrounding their bodies and sexuality in a shame-free way.

My efforts have been recognised through a nomination for the Brook & SH24 NHS sexual health awards & Forbes magazine has featured me for my mental health illustrations. Currently, I am the Digital Marketing Manager for the sustainable period, sex, and bladder care brand, Here We Flo. Additionally, I am undergoing training to become a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist.

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Lauren Beesting - Freelance Journalist

In January 2023, we gained a freelance journalist! Meet Lauren Beesting, another passionate individual helping write some amazing articles 1 or 2 times a month!

"Hiya! My name is Lauren and I'm a digital marketer and journalist, I'm interested in writing about bias in society, where it comes from and how we can unlearn it. I'm super excited to work with Evie and explore subjects ranging from feminism and gender to sex education and relationships"

Some of the amazing brands/charities i've worked with...

It starts with our childhood

Fumble & The Porn Conversation

In an ideal world, this website wouldn't be needed. We would have comprehensive sex education throughout our formative years and sex & relationships would be much easier to navigate.

There are some amazing charities out there which are working to make this a reality.

I am a proud ambassador for Fumble (an online space for children to get proper sex ed) & TPC, a non for profit campaigning for porn & internet literacy to be included in the curriculum.

The sex education you never got.

The Sex Positive Blog

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So, You're Looking to Become a 'Unicorn'

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Wet Dreams and why we have them

Wet Dreams and why we have them

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