The Clitoris

Discover the best and most neglected organ on the body and exactly how you can get the most out of yours!


The Clitoris is an amazing organ. Its the only body part with the sole function of pleasure! 
It can also range from 7-12cm, and most of that is internal – allowing that penetrative pleasure.
the clitoris diagram
The Clitoris also gets hard like a penis when turned on and never stops growing – this means by the time you are in your 90s it could be double the size!
aroused clitoris diagram
As we all start off life with ‘female’ chromosomes, organs, hormones etc the penis and clitoris are quite similar – we should really pair them up when comparing organs (as opposed to penis and vagina) and maybe our clits would get more attention!
clitoris vs the penis diagram

Have you ever seen how the Clitoris sits inside? It wraps around your vagina, which is why penetration can feel pleasurable and why some can orgasm from penetration alone!

Clitoris internal diagram

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