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What Is The Clitoris?

The Clitoris Is Like An Iceberg, Most Of It Is Internal

5 Facts About The Clitoris You Should Know...

The Clitoris has over 10,000 nerve endings.

Up until 2022, we believed that the Clitoris has around 8,00 nerve endings (double that of the penis) but due to the lack of research on The Clitoris (or reproductive health in general) this finding was based off of a study done with cows...

Thanks to The Queer Surgeon (OHSU Department of Urology), we now have data from human Clitorises and it has over 10,000 nerve endings!

The Clitoris is like an iceberg, most of it is internal.

The Clitoris can range from 7-12cm, and most of that is internal – which is why some of us (10%) can orgasm from penetration alone.

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The Clitoris Grows When Aroused, Much Like A Penis.

The Clitoris also gets hard like a penis when turned on and never stops growing – this means by the time you are in your 90s it could be 2.5x the size!

The Clitoris And The Penis Are VERY Similar

We all start the same, the diagram below highlights just how similar we are.

Essentially, 'male' and 'female' sex embryos start out with the same parts and develop into their respective sex organs later in the womb.

The sexes are indistinguishable until about 9 weeks of development.

At a certain point in development hormones called “androgens” stimulate the development of male or female sexual (gender is different) characteristics.

As the fetus develops, the glans will either become the head of the penis, or the clitoris, and the labioscrotal swellings will either become the outer labia (or lips) of the vulva or they will fuse together to become the scrotum (which is why some scrotums have a little line down the middle) - how cool!

In certain cases, an infant will be born with genitalia that is ambiguous. For example: an enlarged clitoris and testicles, or a vaginal opening and a penis. People born with these characteristics are known as intersex.

The penis and clitoris are so similar they can both be turned into each other during gender affirmation surgery!

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