The Butt Stuff Safety Guide

There Is No Type Of Sex You 'Should' Do.

⚡ A lot of us are pressured into this early on due to porn etc. But remember, like with any sexual act, anal sex isn’t something you have to tick off. If it’s not your or your partner’s thing, that is okay. You and your sexual partners should respect this.If you are confused, head to my page on consent.

Why Do We Have To Use Protection During Anal Sex & Rimming

When partaking in any type of butt stuff, it is recommended to use barrier protection methods like condoms and dental dams.

This goes for toys, as well as penises, especially if you are sharing them.

This makes it harder for sexually transmitted infections to spread. A big STI that can be spread from unprotected sex is HIV, you can learn more about this here.

Dental dams are recommended for rimming (more on this further down) but can be hard to find in shops. Fear not, these can be made from condoms – you can watch me do this below!

On top of using barrier methods it is recommended to get into the habit of also doing the following:

  • Clean your sex toys thoroughly between uses, even when using condoms with them.
  • Clean the area to avoid bacteria like ecoli passing on – showering together before is also a great idea to keep it safe and sexy.
  • Go for regular STI tests (every 6 months or every time you have a new partner).
  • Do not engage in rimming if there are open sores/cuts on the mouth, anus or genitals.
  • Do not 'double-dip' as this is a one-way ticket to UTI town (vagina to anus and vice versa).
  • If you are engaging in regular anal sex, explore PrEP.

Why Can Anal Sex For Penis-Owners Feel Good?

When angled forward, the toy/penis pushes against the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that can be massaged until orgasm.

That whole area including the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings which is why rimming can also be pleasurable!

anal sex men why does it feel good?

Why Can Anal Sex For Vulva-Owners Feel Good?

When angled forward, the toy/penis pushes against the vaginal walls and g-zone – which includes the trusty clitoris. When coupled up with clitoral stimulation, the orgasms can be super powerful!

If you are looking for a toy to help with this, head over to my sex toy discount page.

Anal Sex Top Tips

If you want to try anal sex for the first time, here are my top tips to get the most pleasure!

the_best_toys_for ANAL SEX


When it comes to exploring our sexual desires and fantasies, anal play has gained significant popularity over the years. If you're curious about incorporating anal play into your bedroom repertoire, we've got you covered.


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