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The Sex Ed You Needed Growing Up

Over the years we can learn/hear harmful and damn right wrong views when it comes to sex.

Whether you learned them through mainstream porn, social media or down the pub it's important to learn the correct info to keep safe and experience the best pleasure!

Cliterally The Best is here to debunk those myths and help you get the most out of YOUR body, shame-free!

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Here at Cliterally The Best we focus on good vibrations! We believe feeling good should be prioritised and sex education is a human right! Read the latest sex + relationships articles by Evie & guests.

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Sex 101Condom & protection excuses (debunked) & their comebacks

Condom & protection excuses (debunked) & their comebacks

Some people avoid using condoms, either because they think they don’t need them or they just don’t want to use them. However, condoms are essential as they are the only contraceptive method that pr...

NewsAnimals that have evolved to avoid harassment

Animals that have evolved to avoid harassment

In the wild, finding the right mate is like a dance, with each partner seeking the best fit. Evolution works over many generations, so a female aiming for strong offspring will try to pair with...

PleasureDid you know? Kelloggs was created to try and stop masturbation?

Did you know? Kelloggs was created to try and stop masturbation?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, folks around the world got pretty worked up about the idea of self-pleasure. While masturbation wasn't exactly smiled upon in Judeo-Christian beliefs, the strict m...

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Welcome to our free & dedicated space to share your stories and discover those of others, with the aim of breaking the stigma surrounding typically taboo topics.

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"I had my first smear test, then received a letter saying that I had HPV" - Mel

I had my first smear test, then a few weeks later received a letter saying that I did have HPV. Upon receiving this I had no prior knowledge to what HPV actually was.  I had absolutely no idea how ...

'Some of You Guys Suck at Being Dominant' - Quinn Gray

Domination in bed is something frequently done with poor technique. Spanking, choking, and spitting seem like standard aspects of sex nowadays; I can't remember the last time I had sex and it wasn...

"My First Sex Party" - Emilie, London

I’ve written all about my first big sexual adventure in poetic form. For some reason I find it easier to express myself in rhyming couplets 😂. Shout-out to anyone else who can related to being an a...

"Am I the only one out there who masturbates with my legs crossed?" - Julia, Poland

Am I the only one out there who masturbates with my legs crossed instead of spread?" has been the question I've been asking myself for years. I felt uncomfortable about my method of masturbation. I...

"The idea I could be gay was so alien to me" - Kira, 18

I think discovering your sexuality isn’t restricted to realising you are not cis/straight but also is about realising what turns you on, what you are comfortable with, how to please yourself. So d...

"My Vulvodynia Story" - Lucianna, 21

Hiya, I’m Lucianna, I’m 21 and have struggled with Vulvodynia for as long as I can remember, I properly realised there was something wrong at the start of puberty roughly 12/13. Now I know that mig...

Your Questions, Answered.

My most commonly asked questions - with good reason!

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One of the best sex educators I know

Evie is one of the most determined, hard working people I've never met!

Her sex education skills are on point, her knowledge is so vast and she is ethical too, in that she's studied and become qualified in the field of sex education, so you know she's legit. Definitely recommend her products and page!


Cliterally the Best is the best!

Cliterally the Best, and it’s amazing creator, put so much thought and care into their subjects. The carefully articulated and educational explanations on topics and questions asked create such an inclusive environment that anyone is lucky to be a part of!

You feel no judgment or embarrassment, and I’m so happy I’ve found a place where I feel comfortable and understood.


Great find ... Great product.

Great response to my query when unsure of my order. Excellent if not orgasmic product! Fab website. Thanks Evie .. xxx


Cliterally the best lube

I really enjoyed using this lube, my first one from an independent small business.

I found it to be non-sticky and to have a neutral faint aloe vera smell, which was much more pleasant than others by durex that I had previously tried. The only difference I noticed was consistency - this is a lot silkier than the mainstream brand leaders and a little thinner, but not watery.

This is very good lube for sensitive skin, and does not irritate the skin.

The lube was sent very promptly and with some free stickers which were lovely!

Free sh*t

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