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what is ethical porn ersties

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Discover the world of ethical porn, so you can get off guilt free with your new sex toy!


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What is a Sex Swing?

Sex Swings: Are they for me?

If you and your partner are looking to mix it up or just try something new, buying a sex swing can be an excellent way to embark on a new adventure or try new positions without spraining something....

The Surprising Bond Between Cannabis & Pleasure - by AIMA

The Surprising Bond Between Cannabis & Pleasure - by AIMA

Marijuana has often been painted with a brush of misconception and negativity, primarily due to its legality, which varies around the globe. However, the more we delve into the potential benefits o...

the benefits of glass sex toys

What are Glass Sex Toys?

If you are looking for a toy that you could also display in your home, glass sex toys might be next for your arsenal.  

bridging the orgasm gap cliterally the best

Bridging the Heterosexual Orgasm Gap

The orgasm gap is the reality in heterosexual relationships where cisgender men have more orgasms than their cisgender women partners. According to Durex’s research 20% of men answered that they “...