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Self Pleasure First.

If you’re new to self-pleasure or just looking for a bargain, don’t forget to check this page before ordering a new sex toy!


Lovehoney is the UK’s most popular online shop for buying adult toys and sexy lingerie online. These guys do a super big range of toys covering everyone’s budget! They also have a great underwear collection!

Simply use the code: CLITERALLYTHEBEST


Sweet Vibes

These guys have been my favourite for a while now. I previously worked with these guys on some art and I was gifted the ‘charmed’ wand and it is now my go-to wand toy!

Simply use this code at checkout: CLITERALLYTHEBEST

The Knude Society

This wellness brand is run by a lovely lady called Emma, whose sole aim is to improve our pleasure while being ethical – something we also live by!

A Knude Society fave of mine is their massage candle!

Simply use this code at checkout: CLITERALLYKNUDE15


Hot Octopuss

We are Hot Octopuss. We are not like other sex toy brands. We try and do things differently. We combine imaginative designs with an original, playful outlook. It’s who we are.

We design sex toys with technology and materials outside of the adult industry and use scientific innovation to create products that bring pleasure to every body.

Simply use this code at checkout:  CLITERALLY15



German brand Satisfyer was founded with a clear vision: To enable the most satisfying sexual experience, they pioneer technologies that put people first.

They are home of my favourite clit sucker ever - The Satisfyer Pro.

Simply use this code at checkout:  CLITERALLYTHEBEST


Honey Play Box

Honey Play Box is a USA & UK online sex toy shop that features some of the most innovative toys on the market! My favourite is their mini 'Pomi Wand'!

Simply use this code at checkout: CLITERALLYTHEBEST



Ohnut is changing the conversation about discomfort during sex, with a wearable ring that customizes penetration depth.

Amazing for those with Vaginismus or partners with larger penises. Read more about Ohnut here.

Simply use this code at checkout:  CLITERALLYTHEBEST



While it's not a sex toy, Hertility is very deserving of a spot here.

Founded by scientists and powered by an (all Women) research team, Hertility is a fertility company, bringing the latest reproductive science out of the lab direct to your home.

With at-home hormone and fertility testing (they can spot 18 gynae conditions like PCOS in just 10 days and streamline you to in-house female health experts and vetted partner clinics), Hertility has you covered all the way from menstruation through menopause.

Simply use this code at checkout: CLITERALLY15

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Discover the world of ethical porn, so you can get off guilt free with your new sex toy!


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