Why do we get hornier over the holidays?

Why do we get hornier over the holidays?

Have you found yourself especially horny lately? Does the sight of a Christmas tree make you want to get ~especially cozy~ with your partner?

Maybe being with your family 24/7 makes you want to de-stress with some meaningless sex with a stranger?

Well, you’re not alone!

Do people have more sex around the holidays?

As we mentioned, if you’re feeling especially horny around the holidays, you’re not alone. In fact, studies have found that people have more sex near cultural holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah.

Not only do people have more sex, but birth rates also rise roughly 9 months after the winter holidays. Clearly, the horniness even transcends the use of birth control!

Holiday horniness is not just about partnered sex!

However, general horniness around the holidays isn’t just about partnered sex. People also seem to get more curious about sex.

Research shows that internet searches relating to sex seem to cluster near holidays like Christmas and Ramadan. Not only that, but folks seem to have more sex-related tweets near the holidays!

So, have you found yourself watching a bit more porn than usual? Maybe re-posting Cliterally the Best a little too much? (no such thing hehe)

Why are you feeling horny over the holidays?

If you’re feeling especially horny around the holidays, you may be searching for an explanation.  If the holidays are a time for cute gifts and family fun, why are you having the nastiest thoughts known to mankind?

 Well, on the one hand, the cheerfulness around the holidays, as well as time off of work (and more energy), might be what’s putting you in the mood. And what better way to celebrate this than with sex or a wank?

On the other hand, you may also be super stressed out around the holidays. Research shows that many folks become more anxious, sad, and vulnerable around the holidays - which is something an orgasm can sometimes help with!

Do you relate to any of these explanations? Why have you been feeling hornier around the holidays? Or do you feel the opposite?

Either way, both are fine - every Body & it's desires are different! 

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