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What is wax play?

Wax play is exactly what it sounds like! Often, it consists of one partner dripping wax onto another during or before sex. Wax play can be a great way to incorporate some excitement and thrill in the bedroom. It can also help you be more mindful during sex by arousing your senses beyond touch! 

Wax play technically falls under BDSM because it is a type of temperature play. The goal of temperature play is to use temperature extremes (like hot wax or ice) to stimulate senses. However, wax play can also be defined as edge play, because there is an element of danger and prospective harm. 

What to use 

In order to remain safe during wax play, it is important that you use a candle that is designed to be used on the body. While regular candles can reach very hot temperatures, body-safe candles are designed so their melting point is lower. 

Make sure that your candle contains soy or paraffin. Soy candles cool relatively fast once they reach the skin and have a lower likelihood of causing skin irritation. Paraffin candles, however, are hotter than soy and are generally used for more intense sensations. 

It is integral that ingredients like beeswax are avoided when engaging in wax play, because it will likely cause burns to the skin. Additionally, stay away from candles that contain colourings or dyes. They may affect the melting point of the candle and accidentally cause burns. 

How to practice wax play 

  1. Safety first 

You or your partner’s safety should be your #1 priority when engaging in wax play. It is important that you test out the temperature of the wax so your partner is comfortable with it. In order to be extra careful, you may want to have a cool cloth, first aid kit, and water nearby in case your partner gets hurt. 

Also, be intentional with where you are dripping the wax. Avoid areas that may be too sensitive. Hair can also be difficult to clean. It may be a good idea to start out with legs or arms, and move to areas like the stomach and thighs. 

  1. Communicate 

Always secure your partner’s consent and continuously check-in on them to ensure that they are not being harmed. Try incorporating a safe word or use the red/yellow/green light technique. Make sure to practice aftercare with your partner (if they would like) and ask them how they enjoyed the experience.

  1. Be creative 

There are many different ways that you can incorporate wax play with your partner, so try to be creative! You can include it in an erotic massage, draw patterns on their body, or use it on top of bondage/blindfolds! You can even try wax play while masturbating for some solo play. 




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