Sex Swings: Are they for me?

What is a Sex Swing?
If you and your partner are looking to mix it up or just try something new, buying a sex swing can be an excellent way to embark on a new adventure or try new positions without spraining something.


What is a Sex Swing?

In its simplest form, a sex swing suspends you or your partner(s) in the air while enabling the other to move around more freely, offering a variety of angles and positions for all kinds of sex (not just penetration). These ‘love swings’ can be crafted from various materials, such as rope, leather, or metal, depending on the suspension material used. The harness can take various forms, including a basic swing seat, an advanced bungee-style surface, or a harness suited for a bondage set.

What are the benefits of a Sex Swing?

Sex Swings provide you with the means to explore different sexual positions or angles that might otherwise be challenging to achieve. They are also great for those dealing with physical limitations due to injuries, reduced stamina or disabilities, as they alleviate the physical strain and pressure sometimes involved in sex or having to support your partner's body.

Most sex swings come with adjustable straps that allow you to change the angle and height. This flexibility enables you to engage with partners of different heights or preferences in various positions. Straps offer a straightforward way to modify your sexual activities while preserving the fundamental concept of how sex swings function.

Types of Sex Swings

Traditional ceiling-mounted swings have evolved to offer various mounting options, including wall and floor mounts and are great if you plan on using them regularly or have a hook installed in the ceiling. A less intimidating option or if you want a swing you can hide and get out on occasion is the Door Sex Swing. This sex swing just pops over the door and is adjustable based on your height. 

Our recommended Sex Swing

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