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Couple's Sex Toy Guide

Sex Toys Are Not A Replacement, They're Your Teammates.

Often the topic of introducing sex toys into the bedroom can cause a divide but it’s important to remember sex toys can level up intimacy between you both not replace your partner.

There are so many ways to have sex and using toys is just another. Using sex toys with someone else can allow you to achieve double-sensation without contortioning yourself. For example, if you have a vulva and typically have sex with someone who has a penis they could use a toy on your clitoris while penetrating you. 

If you struggle asking for what you want in the bedroom, read this guide - remember, although there is a huge buzz around sex toys currently, if you don't want to use them your partner should respect this, and vice versa.

You can find more recommendations on our 'Beginner Sex Toy Guide'.

My Favourite Beginner/Staple Toys

Scroll for my sex toy recommendations that won't break the bank.

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Lennon - The Knude Society

Vibrators are a great place to start, often you will already have one laying about and regardless of your genitals they can provide all the sensations!

I particularly like 'Lennon' by The Knude Society as it is bendable and can be used for prostate and g-spot pleasure or simply put inbetween you both - perfect for all couple pairings.

Tiani 2 Remote Control Vibrator - Lelo

Remote control toys are great to try something a little different. They come in all different shapes, sizes and types depending on who will be using them.

This toy by lelo is great for double sensation, hitting your gspot & clitoris.

Endless Love - Satisfyer

This sex toy is a staple for the bedside drawer. No matter what genitals you have you can get them most out of this toy.

It’s like the traditional vibrating cock ring had a baby with a pin-point clitoral vibrator. This toy wraps nicely round the base of the penis or inbetween your Labia and it also fits well between your bodies during missionary!

Beginner's Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit - Lovehoney

Strap-on's can come with a bit of stigmas due to old-fashioned homophobia but anyone can enjoy penetration and it has nothing to do with your sexuality!

These are great for heterosexual couples to try penetration on the one with the penis (if that is something they want to try!) - just always start small and use lube.

If you are a lesbian, you will have probably already heard of these, but if not they are a great way to introduce penetration too!

Where Can I Get Money Off My Next Sex Toy?

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"Sex without lube is like a roast dinner without gravy, it's ok but the meats a bit dry & it's much better drowned in the stuff" - Fran Bushe

How To Wash Your Sex Toys

Don't miss out on this vital step in your sex toy routine!