Beginners Sex Toy Guide

The ultimate beginners guide to sex toys for those who want to up their solo game or introduce them into the bedroom!

As you can probably guess, I love a sex toy. They can be great for those who have never orgasmed, those who want to spice it up in the bedroom or even for those who just want to give their hand a break!

Slowly sex toys & talking about self-pleasure is becoming mainstream – especially for women and according to Statista, 65% of women in America own some sort of sex toy!

Sex toys can help people discover what they like and in turn, communicate this to their partner(s) -Its a cliche, but communication really is the key when it comes to most things, not just great orgasms.

The sex toy industry was valued at USD 26.6 billion in 2019 and is set to grow rapidly. This can mean its a bit of a minefield when you first dive in and since Rona, even more so!

I was kindly gifted these beginner toys from Love Shop Canada to create the ultimate beginner’s sex toy guide – check them out!

Benefits Of Masturbation

The Bullet Vibrator.

This is my #1 pick for your first sex toy! Not only is this toy great for when you’re alone, but it can also ramp up your sex life with your partner(s).

The ‘Bullet’ is a great choice as it is small with adjustable speed, less daunting than most, and usually rather cheap. There are many ways you can use this toy, so try new things and do what feels right for you.

How Can You Use Your Bullet?

♡ On your Clitoris.

♡ In your Vagina, for those who enjoy penetration.

♡ On your Perineum or the tip of the Penis.

♡ Coupled up with Penetration.

♡ Your partner could hold it for you too.

The Suction Cup Dildo.

A dildo is what you probably think of when you think of a sex toy. These can be great for those who can climax from penetration but also for those who cant when paired up with a vibrator for a more intense orgasm.

Now add a suction cup to it like the one below and who needs a man?! (Joking, obviously). These are great fun as they can be thrown at many surfaces for you to back up onto.

How Can You Use Your Dildo?

♡ In your Vagina, for those who enjoy penetration.

♡ Used in Pegging with someone who has a Penis.

♡ Coupled up with a clitoris focused toy.

♡ Even double penetration.

The Rabbit Vibrator.

Rabbit Vibrators are almost a household name thanks to Sex in the City.

Rabbit Vibrators are more intense than the real penis. Typically identified through its adorable bunny ears, rabbits also provide pleasurable clitoris and g-spot stimulation.

How Can You Use Your Rabbit?

♡ In your Vagina with the ears on your Clitoris (some can squirt with this toy!)

♡ Used in Mutual Masturbation.

♡ Used in the bedroom by your partner(s).

The Clit Sucker.

‘Air pulse technology toys’ or as there more commonly known as, Clit Suckers are changing the game.

These are a relatively new invention but are quickly taking over the sex toy market.

Air pulse technology uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you feel during oral sex.

How Can You Use Your Clit Sucker?

♡ Spread your lips and place over your Clitoris.

♡ Used in Mutual Masturbation.

♡ Used in the bedroom by your partner(s).

The Fleshlight.

A Fleshlight or ‘Penis Sleeve’ designed to stimulate and fit around the penis to aid masturbation or sometimes to simulate a real vagina.

These can be a nice change to the hand!

How Can You Use Your Fleshlight?

♡ With Lube, moving up and down over the penis.

♡ Used in Mutual Masturbation.

♡ Used in the bedroom by your partner(s).

The Cock Ring.

Sitting at the base of the penis, the vibrating cock ring teases, tantalises and satisfies both you and your partner(s).

Many come with grooves or ears to stimulate the clitoris – almost like a real-life rabbit!

How Can You Use Your Cock Ring?

♡ Place over the penis or toy and sit it at the base. Choose your vibration setting and ride!

♡ Used during sex.

The Butt Plug.

A butt plug is a type of anal toy, which typically plugs your bottom, but with a better purpose.

They are almost shaped like a teardrop and have a large base so that they are not sucked too far away – your butt hole is a vacuum, please don’t shove anything up it without a flared base!

Your butt is packed with nerve endings and is very sensitive. As you insert the butt plug, it restricts the size of the vaginal canal, thus raises the likelihood that your partner(s) can hit the G-Spot, your rectum is also a path to the prostate!

How Can You Use Your Butt Plug?

Lube up and make sure you're relaxed.

♡ Couple up with vaginal sex.

♡ Use it as prep for Anal.

♡ Use it on your own.

Anal Beads.

Anal beads are the unsung hero of butt play.

Unlike a butt plug, which is often used in preparation for anal sex, and is only meant to go in and stay in place, anal beads were designed to stimulate inside the body and specifically to move in an out of the butt.

This stimulation provides multiple pleasurable sensations, like having a muscle massaged. The beads can be removed at varying speeds, depending on the desired effect, and can amplify the intensity of orgasm or even climax from just that.

How Can You Use Your Anal Beads?

Lube up and make sure you're relaxed.

♡ Couple up with vaginal sex.

♡ Use it on your own.

♡ Used in the bedroom by your partner(s).

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