Sex Positive Books

Check out my favourite sex positive books that i've discovered so far.

Sex Positive Books

Check out my favourite sex positive books that i've discovered so far.


Most of the books I have recommended are written by passionate individuals and buying their book is a great way of supporting their work and the sex positive movement!

Reading is another great way to learn about your body, sex & relationships.

I am not a big reader (unless i'm on holiday) so the list is small and a nice mix of visual and text heavy books for your coffee table.

Please drop me an email if you have any others you think deserve to make the list!
In no particular order...

1. Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski

The ultimate bible for understanding sexual desire in long term relationships and how to navigate this!

It really helped me with overanalysing dry spells and blaming myself or my partner. The infamous book Maeve talks about in Sex Education.


2. Mind The Gap - Dr Karen Gurney

Another great book specifically for women in long term relationships/marriages.

This is a great intro to female pleasure and empowerment in the bedroom. Very focused on straight cis relationships though.


3. How To Have Feminist Sex - Flo Perry

I have always preferred a more visual read and this one is so easy to digest!

With Flo's beautiful and funny illustrations this is a great book for learning how to get the most out your pleasure, body and dating.

4. Sex Ed: A Guide For Adults - Ruby Rare

Speaking of beautiful books, Ruby has created one of the most visually pleasing books on sex ed around.

Not to mention it covers so many important topics that we definitely were not taught in sex ed as children.


5. What A Time To Be Alone - Chidera Eggerue

This book really changed how I viewed myself and others around me. Slumflower's inspiring and reassuring words are broken down into perfect chapters and art.

It's a must read for those who are in need of realising you are the most important person in your life.


6. Sweetness Of Venus - Sarah Chadwick

We all need to learn about the Clitoris and this is the book to help you become clued up.

Sarah, thank you so much for making me chuckle while teaching me so much about this wonderful organ!


7. Women Don't Owe You Pretty - Florence Given

So there is a lot of controversy surrounding this book, due to it being very similar to Chidera's - i'll let you read up on this. However I do think It's good basic introduction to feminism for teens or young adults, or those who are new to feminist reading.

If you are going to buy one however, I suggest getting Chidera's.


8. Bang! - Vic Liu

This book is a great way for teens and people of all genders and abilities to leanr about how their body works and how they can get the most out of their pleasure - shame-free!

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