Taking Part In Veganuary - Don't Forget Your Sex Life!

Taking Part In Veganuary - Don't Forget Your Sex Life!

It's Veganuary - where some of us try and stay away from the animal products for a month or begin a permanent switch.

Last year, more than 500,000 people took part in Veganuary. But many only considered what they ate and the drinks they consumed.

What about your sex life?

If you're going to take part in Veganuary, why not go the whole way. That includes your sex life and the accessories you use within the bedroom.

That's it, we said it. You may be bringing animals into the bedroom...


Most latex condoms on the market are produced by companies that test on animals and use a milk protein casein to make them softer.

Latex-free condoms are vegan, however they are made from a non-biodegradable material called polyurethane.

That's not to say all is doomed as there are some vegan condoms on the market like Hanx, Glyde and Fair Squared.

However, my favourite are Here We Flo's 'XO! Carbon Neutral Vegan Condoms' as they use natural tree rubber latex which biodegrades in under a year (once used), unlike most chemical latex condoms that do not biodegrade ever! 


Yup, did you know that quite a few mainstream brands of lube contain animal products?

As well as staying away from lubes with harsh chemicals like parabens, petroleum and glycerin (more here), if you're going Vegan, try and stay away from lubes that contain cow's milk casein and test on animals & honey (E.g K-Y warming lube).

My recommendation is to look for lube that explicitly states it's vegan, like Y.E.S Organics, Hanx, So Divine, and of course, if you want to support a small business & have sensitive dangly bits - my cruelty-free water-based lube!

Sex Toys

Most sex toys don't actually contain any animal products in their materials or manufacturing. 

It's mainly the leather toys like paddles, whips, harnesses, and handcuffs - usually found in the BDSM section - that use materials that may have some animal products within.

I recommend checking out the small business - Self And More (you can grab a discount here). They have a great range of vegan leather kits that are easily labelled so you can complete your Veganuary free of guilt. 

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