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Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship: A Comprehensive Guide

Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship: A Comprehensive Guide

Get ready to add a dash of excitement to your relationship as we dive into the hilarious world of introducing sex toys! Cliterally The Best is here to guide you, ensuring a pleasurable experience for both (or more) of you.

Testing the Waters

Explore shared interests by casually discussing intriguing scenes or advertisements involving sex toys. Gauge your partner's openness and suggest trying something similar. Open, light-hearted communication is key.

Reassurance: Not a "Bedroom SOS"

Address any concerns your partner may have about feeling 'inadequate'. Emphasize that incorporating sex toys is about adding excitement and variety, not replacing them. Sex toys are a teammate/tool not competition.

Maybe you could share a friendly reassurance like, "You know how we spice up our lives with new restaurants? Well, why not add a little flavour to our bedroom menu too?" - lol.

Start Small: Baby Steps

Begin with beginner-friendly sex toys to acclimate yourselves gradually. Avoid the temptation to jump into complex or advanced options. You can read all of our sex toy guides here.

No Surprise Toy Visits

Always discuss introducing a new toy with your partner beforehand. Surprising them mid-session without consent can be counterproductive. Respect their boundaries and establish mutual consent before integrating the toy - consent is key!

Respect Their Decision

If your partner is not ready or comfortable with sex toys, respect their decision. Everyone has different preferences, and consent is crucial. Continue open dialogue, sharing information, and allowing them space to reconsider in the future.

By following these playful guidelines, you can confidently introduce sex toys into your relationship, infusing it with laughter, pleasure, and unforgettable moments. Let the fun begin.

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