The Poet

The Poet

I have reviewed many a clit sucker on my page and they are my go-to to pull from the bedside drawer, but they all seem to do the same thing! So I was a bit apprehensive when Smile Makers approached me about their new toy – The Poet.

So how is this toy any different to the other suction toys on the market?

Well, Smile Makers have recognised that not every toy is for every clit. We are silly to expect all of us to get on with every sex toy – everyBODY is different, and not only that, we all like different feelings and sensations.  

The Poet comes with three interchangeable mouths. These mouths create a seal over your clitoris to pinpoint that sensation. The varying sizes are designed to fit varying sizes of clitoris/labia!

This isn’t something I have seen on a toy as of yet, and for me it gives you that extra security that this toy won’t be a waste of money, as let’s face it, really good toys come with a higher price tag. 

The Poet’s retail price is £119.95 with free shipping.

My Favourite Features.

♡ Just how soft the silicone is (skin-like)

♡ The side ‘squeeze sensors’ to adjust the speed – not bringing it up for air to change the setting!

♡ The interchangeable heads – my favourite is the largest!

♡ Just how bloody beautiful it is ❤️

How To Use The Poet

Of course, before any great self-love session, I recommend starting with your favourite water-based lube (which won’t break your toy down and can increase sensitivity) or an ethical porn site – if that is how you like to get off!

Clitoral suction toys tend to pack a punch when you get the hang of the angle so I recommend starting on the lowest setting and slowly building up until you find the right speed and setting for you!

Smile Makers have also created this super helpful video – bonus points for including an accurate diagram of the clitoris!!



Happy wanking ❤️

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