Nomi Tang

The Nomi Tang PowerWand

The Nomi Tang PowerWand

As you’ll know if you follow me on the Sex Positive Instagram, I don’t review too many toys. I’m picky and I’m only happy to promote products that I genuinely love as nobody wants to spend money on toys that don’t give us mind-blowing orgasms!

The Nomi Tang PowerWand is no exception to the rule. I’ve owned two wands before this, but none of them are in the same ballpark. With its super-soft silicone head, it provides some really powerful orgasms with no annoying cord!

Although the price may be higher than most, you are definitely paying for quality and it’s one of those toys that will push all the others to the back of the draw – this will be my new go-to whether it will be with a partner or on my own.

My Favourite Features

 Touch Control – No clumpy buttons, just a gentle touch to turn it on and change the speed or vibration pattern.

 Super Quiet – Not that I’m too worried about noise but this wand is great for those who get easily distracted when trying to climax!

♡ Travel Lock – One of my favourite features. If you like to travel with your toys, this toy has a lock feature, meaning it won’t accidentally turn on when airport security checks your bag! To turn this off you simply hold down the + & – buttons!

 Cordless – No getting wrapped up in a post-orgasm tangle with the Nomi Tang, this wand is cordless and USB rechargeable!

 Perfect for edging – For those who like to tease and edge when they practice a bit of self-love, this toy has 5 vibration patterns and 5-speed levels, making it the perfect tool for increasing that orgasm strength!

The only thing that is a lil’ annoying is the touch-sensitive buttons, sometimes it’s turned off or changed speed mid wank but it’s a small price to pay for the powerful orgasms this toy gives! 

How To Use A Wand

Check out my reel with Nomi Tang on just how to use this type of sex toy – it’s not just for the clit like you may think!


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