The Patch

The Patch

How Does The Patch Work?

The patch is a small plaster-looking material that can be stuck to your upper arm, shoulder or bum but shouldn’t be applied to breasts or broken skin.

Like the combined pill & vaginal ring, the patch releases two hormones to stop pregnancy: oestrogen and progestogen.

The patch is worn continuously for 7 days and on the 8th day it should be changed for a new one, this should happen for 3 weeks and then you should have a break for 7 days.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you go to your GP, the doctor or nurse will ask you a few questions to check if you are suitable for the patch and also show you how to apply them.

You will be given a 3-month supply and follow-ups every 12 months, or if you have any problems.


✅ It doesn't get in the way of sex.
✅ No evidence as of yet for gaining weight on this.
✅ They are not affected by any other medicines or being sick.
✅ Can make bleeds lighter, more regular and reduce period pain.
✅ Can reduce acne.


❌ It does not protect against STIs
❌ Can cause skin irritation.
❌ It can be visible.
❌ Can bleed in-between periods.
❌ Can cause temporary side effects like nausea, headaches & sore boobs.

⚡ I am not a health professional. I am qualified in RSE but I am not a doctor. Content for this page has been drawn from the NHS website and Please head over to these great sites for more details.

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