Diaphragms & Caps

Diaphragms & Caps

How Do Diaphragms & Caps Work?

The Diaphragm is a dome-shaped piece of latex or silicone that goes into the vagina and over the cervix. The Cap is a smaller version that needs to be put directly onto the cervix and is only made of silicone.

They both need to be paired up with spermicide and stop the sperm from entering the womb and are only used when you have sex.

Did you know? you can leave them in for up to 6 hours!

What To Expect To Your Appointment

The Diaphragm and Cap need to be fitted by a trained nurse or doctor on the first occasion.

During the appointment, you can expect the nurse to ask you a few questions to check you are suitable for the implant, whilst showing you how to insert them, use the spermicide and how to remove the cap/diaphragm.

You will be given a practice one to begin with that won’t protect you from pregnancy so will need to use condoms too during this time.

Once it fits and works, you will only need to go back to the doctor every year for a new one, or if you gain weight.


✅ They only need to be put in before sex.
✅ They don't disturb your periods.
✅ They are not affected by other medicines you may be taking


❌ It does not protect against STIs
❌ They can take a while to get the hang of.
❌ Some people may be sensitive to spermicide.
❌ Some women can develop cystitis (UTI) when using these.
❌ They are not recommended during your period, which means you won't be protected then.

⚡ I am not a health professional. I am qualified in RSE but I am not a doctor. Content for this page has been drawn from the NHS website and Brook.org.uk. Please head over to these great sites for more details.


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