Why You Should Try Glass Sex Toys

Why You Should Try Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are one of the prettiest looking pleasure sticks in my opinion. They come in many different colours and shapes and almost look like they should be used as decoration around the house!

But what's the hype around these rock-hard toys apart from how elegant they look?

Temperature Play

So the main reason people use glass sex toys is for temperature play. This is a form of sensation play that is typically found in the BDSM community but of course, anyone can do it.

Temperature play uses the sensation of hot and cold to intensify pleasure as different temps can feel nice on your skin/in your body and can even increase the chance of orgasm!

It doesn't always have to be with glass toys but these are super sensitive to hot and cold.

Do You Like It Hard?

Glass sex toys can also be great for those who enjoy orgasms from hard structures.

This firmness can also be great for stimulating the g-area or anal play!

🚨 ONLY use glass toys for anal play if they have a flared base/stopper.

How To Control The Temperature Of A Glass Sex Toy

It's pretty simple. If you want to try the warm sensation of a glass toy, simply place it in a bowl of warm water (not boiling - OUCH) and if you want it cold, place it in the fridge for a half-hour or so!

Which Lube Do I Use With Glass Sex Toys?

The good news about glass sex toys is that they can be used with all kinds of lubes - the glass used is non-porous and cannot be broken down by lubricants.

Of course, I recommend my water-based lube, especially for those with sensitive dangly bits. If you are going to use this in the shower, I recommend purchasing silicone lube.

Cleaning Glass Sex Toys

To clean your glass toy I recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner, these will be much gentler on your bits while still cleaning them.

You can grab a discount for some great stores that stock them & glass toys here.

Another great thing about glass toys is they can withstand lots of heat, so putting them in the dishwasher is another way of making sure they are clean!

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