Texas has harsher restrictions surrounding Sex Toys than Guns!

texas sex toys laws harsher than gun laws

Did you know that Texas has harsher restrictions surrounding sex toys than guns? In fact, Texas’ “dildo law” clarifies how many sex toys you can own. Let’s take a look at Texas’ various regulations surrounding pleasure and weapons. 

Regulations on pleasure

What does the dildo law regulate exactly?

  • The dildo law criminalises the possession or recommendation of six or more “obscene devices.”
  • “Obscene devices” are defined as products that are intended for the “stimulation of genital organs” (in other words, masturbation). 
  • However, there is an exception to this regulation if the sex toys are for medical and/or law enforcement reasons (whatever that means). 

Why is this law even on the books?

Besides Texas’ notorious history of wanting to limit pleasure for most people (ah-hem… anti-choice laws), there are a couple of reasons why this law may exist. 

  1. To target porn and other sex work. 

As reported by chron.com, the law specifically references the use of sex toys in a “play, motion picture, dance, or other exhibition performed before an audience,” indicating that the goal here may be to limit various forms of pornography. 

  1. Because masturbation is immoral. 

As the state’s solicitor general, current Senator Ted Cruz was an avid defender of the dildo law. He claimed that possession of a sex toy was similar to hiring a prostitute and that citizens do not have a “substantive-due-process right” to masturbate, unless it is for medical purposes or in the context of a relationship/procreation. 

Gun Regulations

How do sex toy laws compare to gun regulations?

  • According to the Texas State Law Library, there are no laws that regulate the number of guns an individual can possess. Compare this to sex toys, in which you can clearly own no more than six. 
  • Lawmakers are also actively trying to make it easier to own a gun in Texas. Just last year, Texas passed a law that permitted those over the age of 21 to publicly carry a handgun in public, even without a permit,  training, or background check. 
    • Obtaining a license would normally include fingerprinting, training for 4-6 hours, and passing an exam and proficiency test. 

As made evident by these laws, Texas clearly cares about limiting private pleasure over guns. Which is ironic, considering that guns are essentially “murder dildos” whose sole purpose is to kill living things, as stated by socialist twitch streamer Hasan Piker

Given this, it's time to evaluate why Texas has fewer regulations surrounding literal murder dildos over actual dildos. 

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