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If you’ve ever thought about trying outdoor or public sex, you’ve come to the right place. We recently asked our Instagram followers what tips and tricks they had for outdoor sex and have compiled them in a guide below. And, as a shocking 60% of our audience has had public sex, we consider them to be somewhat experts. 

Where are you having outdoor sex?

Arguably, the most exciting part about having public sex is deciding where to have it. Based on responses from our audience, there seem to be three major categories when it comes to having public sex:

Out in the wild

The most common category that we saw from our followers was nature-related locations. Having outdoor sex in a beautiful natural setting can be a great way to avoid an audience while also feeling a bit of a thrill. Maybe you’re feeling especially horny after a romantic picnic at a park or stumble across a quiet and secluded area on your hiking trail in the forest. Some very specific recommendations included sandy dunes and Icelandic mountains. So, if you’re ever lucky enough to be climbing in Iceland or on a dune buggy with your partner, consider trying it out!

Wet places

Another frequent location recommendation for outdoor sex that we received on Instagram was various large bodies of water. Next time you’re on vacation, think about ditching the bed for some late-night pool action. Or, try going deep (in more ways than one) in a lake with your partner. Beware though, if you are sensitive down there we wouldn’t recommend having sex in water as it can cause infections.

Alternatively, try researching online for some remote beaches where you can get cozy in the sand. If you’re not really excited about getting soaking wet, take advice from one of our followers who had sex on a pier underneath the stars (you’ll still get an ocean vibe). 

Places you really really shouldn’t (but we won’t tell…)

It’s well known that taboo turns us on, and you guys love getting intimate with your partner in the most outrageous (and sexy) of places!

A few people reported that they had sex in a cemetery, which would be great for an upcoming sexy spooky season date. Another reported having sex in a church, an alleyway on their way back from a bar, handy on a ferris wheel & the back of a bus…

When should you be having outdoor sex?

Now that you’ve gotten some suggestions on where to have outdoor sex, you have to figure out when the best time would be. Above all else, we encourage you to always be thoughtful of others who may not consent to watching you have sex. 

In order to avoid getting caught, our followers recommend visiting your spot sometime at night, so bystanders have a difficult time figuring out whether you are wrestling or fucking. Or, if it's not really safe to go when it's dark out, try going during a time when there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. 

Alternatively, if the idea of possibly getting caught scares you more than it turns you on, you can always work up to some risky places. Maybe start with your car, and then pick some more public places until you feel confident enough to explore more. 

Your top tips for having outdoor sex

Because our followers are such experts, they had plenty of helpful tips for when you want to engage in outdoor sex. Of course, it's important to bring your normal sex go-to's like lube, protection, or any other form of birth control that you may need. 

However, some public-sex-specific supplies that our audience recommends include paper towels, wet wipes, something to lay on the ground (like a towel), and a waste bag for things like used condoms or dental dams. They also recommend wearing clothing to promote easy access, like a dress or skirt. Additionally, try to be as quick as possible (while still making it pleasurable) in order to not get caught! 

A last tip from a few of our followers: make sure you don’t lay on an ants nest. 

But why do we like having outdoor sex?

We’ve talked about the nitty-gritty logistics of having outdoor sex, but this begs the question: why do so many of us like public sex? After polling our audience, we may have some answers. 

One clear answer is the adrenaline rush. Although it may scare the shit out of us to think about getting caught, we love the risk. As one of our audience members states, it's “the feeling that we HAVE to touch,” and nothing will stop you and your partner from getting intimate. While it's forbidden, it's also passionate and fun, which can be extremely freeing for many people. 

However, there could be other reasons that we love public sex that is more subtle. When reading our audience’s responses, so many people expressed their love for sex in nature - and maybe this isn’t a coincidence. Some folks noted that having sex outdoors feels natural, freeing, and connects them to the earth. While public sex can definitely be exhilarating, maybe we are also intrigued by experiencing pleasure in a mindful way that binds us to the world. 

All in all, no matter why you like to engage in public sex, we hope that this guide was helpful to you. And for legal reasons, we absolutely DO NOT condone or encourage public sex (...). 

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