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How to find your perfect condom fit

how to find your perfect condom fit


Condoms are a form of contraceptionthe only contraception that protects against STIs when having sex with someone with a penis. No penis is the same so it’s important to find the perfect condom fit to maximise its effectiveness. 

As funny as the videos are about just how big we can make a condom blow up, the band can still be too tight or too loose.

Wearing a condom too big or that doesn’t cover the entire penis may slip during sex, condoms too tight run the risk of splitting, and condoms too long or saggy can make the whole experience uncomfortable. 

Despite it being an added effort to find the perfect size condom for some people it is definitely not an excuse not to wear a condom at all, or to remove a condom during sex due to discomfort without the consent of your partner (otherwise known as stealthing). 

So how do you find the perfect condom fit?

Different brands have different sizings so it’s best to measure your penis before deciding on a size or product range, and it may be beneficial to try a few different types to see what feels best for you. The average condom is around 7.5 inches in length, the average erect penis length is approximately 5.5 inches so in most cases you’re likely to fit in the standard sizes. However, condoms can still be too tight, too loose, too short or too long so it’s best to know your measurements to be certain. 

How do you measure it?

Start by measuring the length. Use a ruler or a measuring tape and measure underneath your erect penis ensuring that the tape runs from the base to the tip of the penis. 

Then comes the width, this works best with a measuring tape but if you don’t have one to hand a piece of string can be used and then measured against a ruler. Wrap the tape around the middle of the erection, this number is the circumference of your penis. 

Once you know the length and circumference you’re good to go. Well you’re good to go with the size you need, but condoms have an array of options in smoothness, thickness, lubrication level and so much more. The best way to figure out what condom suits your needs is by trying a few out and seeing what feels best. It’s also good to check in with your sexual partner to see their preference too. 

Of course there are many options out there to enhance both sexual partners' experience with condoms. But it is important to remember that condoms are such an important form of contraception that protects you from STIs and pregnancy. 

ONE and Durex have a super helpful quiz to narrow down what condom type suits your needs, and you can find sustainable and vegan condoms available at Here we Flo and Hanx - Here We Flo’s XO! Condoms are a personal fave of Evie’s as they are made in solar-powered factory and are biodegradable (normal condoms never biodegrade!). For larger penises, we recommend MySize Condoms.

Don't forget to use natural water-based lubricant which are safe with Condoms, unlike some types of lube - check our guide here.

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