Cliterally The Best Needs You!

Cliterally The Best Needs You! has been cited in Miriam's report as an example of what is being taught in school RSE. Cliterally The Best has never taught in schools or provided content for RSE providers, we provide shame-free education for adults - read the full statement here.

We need you to contact your local MP to try and help get Cliterally removed from the report on RSE in schools before it is used as false evidence to decide the future of your children's sex education.

Step 1

Find your local MP’s email -

Step 2

Copy the below to your email, fill it out and send to your local MP (feel free to edit depending on what you would like to say)👇




Dear [MP full name]

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.

I am writing to ask you to represent me and others in your constituency by correcting the inaccuracies in conservative MP, Miriam Cates ( recent ‘report’ onWhat is being taught in Relationships and Sex Education in our schools?to ensure our children in the UK receive comprehensive, inclusive and age-appropriate sex education.

I am referring to the references of the adult sexual wellness and educational platform, Cliterally The Best in Miriam’s ‘report’ on UK school sex education. 

The allegations in their ‘report’ are false with no evidence. Cliterally The Best and it's content is not being taught in UK schools and they are not providing materials for RSE providers and charities.

I do not agree with the critical comments made surrounding LGBTQ+ RSE content in Miriam’s report. I’d like to make you aware this pushes a transphobic narrative, and has also panicked parents unnecessarily. Personal beliefs should not come into a report such as this.

I also recommend you read this RSE poll by The Sex Education Forum along with their statement on this ‘report’ -

As my MP, I hope you are committed to ensuring this ‘report’ receives an in-depth review, to allow the much-needed RSE reform to be done with truth to ensure our children receive the sex education they deserve.

[Optional: insert why this matter is important to you]

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)

[Your contact details, including your address]


Thank you so much for working to ensure our future children receive comprehensive, age-appropriate RSE - you are Cliterally The Best! 

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