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"We learn to live with herpes, but it does not define us." - Ciara

Hi everyone, my name is Ciara, I am 22 and I have genital herpes, specially herpes simplex virus type 1. As many people know this virus is more commonly associated with oral herpes (cold sores). I ...

"My HPV Story" - Kiki, 22

When I first found out that there was something going on down there, it was because my boyfriend of 4 years said to me that he had some spots around his penis that he wanted to get looked at and he...

"It’s no more shameful than having a common cold" - Dan

My ex boyfriend gave me Chlamydia. I was SO ashamed, I hid it from everyone. I went to the clinic to get tested for the first time ever, I was so nervous to get tested and then after that awful res...

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