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"My Bartholin Cyst Story" - Joy

I worked for Thomas cook as a holiday rep and every summer I would work seasons abroad, I was due to fly to Bulgaria in April 2019 so had a leaving party planned and leaving meal with my boyfriend. One morning my vagina was really swollen so I went to the doctors who diagnosed me with thrush however she did no physical exam on me.

The only symptom I had was swelling, no discharge or itching. So I paid £15 for my treatment but realised it only got worse! I assumed I may have had an allergic reaction. So I tried to carry on as normal, I ended my party night early due to the pain (it was throbbing, a lot!) and went for my meal the following evening. I couldn’t sit down and I had to wear baggy trousers. In the end I called 111 who sent me to a clinic, where the doctor took one look and rushed me straight away to hospital where I spent the night with no phone or belongings. I couldn’t eat or drink ANYTHING as the anaesthetic needed to work for the operation. They informed me that it was in fact a Bartholins Cyst and had gotten so bad because it was left untreated and agitated for weeks! They prodded at me all day waiting for my operation, which in the end never went ahead because they managed to burst it on its own (gross I know). I needed a fit to fly if I wanted to pursue my career abroad so I asked my doctors for it and they charged me £60.

I refused to pay and threatened to take them to court so they kindly then gave it to me for free. I was advised it would come back, apparently all cysts come back at some point so I went prepared incase. It came back while I was away but I had researched how to treat myself using a sitz bath and witchhazel oil. If I had never called 111, I could’ve died from sepsis. It really was that serious and I had no idea. If anyone has questions please ask me because I wish I knew the symptoms!

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