The Womanizer Premium Eco

womanizer premium eco

We’re becoming more and more earth-conscious and it’s important to think about this in terms of our sex lives. 

Low-quality sex toys use problematic materials like PVC and plastic softeners like phthalates and for every $1million of sex toys sold, Womanizer estimates 40 tons of plastics are produced. 

They also estimate that 108,000 tons of plastic are produced for the sex toy industry each year. Unfortunately, most plastics currently end up in the waste stream – landfills and oceans. 

The Womanizer Premium Eco helps us move towards eco-friendly sex toys, although it comes with a higher price tag, with its easy replaceable rechargeable battery, it will last a lot longer than the other toys in your bedside drawer!

So how is the Premium Eco reducing its impact on the environment?

How Exactly Is It an ‘Eco Sex Toy’?

 This lil’ clit sucker uses Biolene material  a bioplastic made from 70% of natural materials (mainly corn starch), making it biodegradable and recyclable, unlike most toys that are made from ABS plastic.

 Replaceable & rechargeable battery – this means it will be your go-to toy until you decide, not till it gives up.

 Can be easily taken apart – making it super easy to make sure each part of the toy is recycled correctly.

 The charging cable is 50% shorter – and uses 50% less material than our standard cable.

 100% organic packaging – plastic-free, FSC paper, a 100% organic cotton pouch and they donate one tree for every purchase through One Tree Planted.

 Oh, there’s more… – Galvanised parts, no complete silicone sheathing and a shortened manual using less paper.

It’s important to note that due to the battery being easily dissembled and no plastic sealant the toy is only splashproof, not waterproof- a small price to pay to reduce your footprint I think!

womanizer premium eco

My Thoughts

I’m a massive fan of toys using air-pulse technology and I was curious to see if it was as powerful as the others I own – it did not disappoint! In case you did not know this, Womanizer was actually the first brand ever that used air pulsation, their so-called Pleasure Air Technology, to stimulate the clitoris.

The only thing I would like to see is a non-silicone tip, but I can understand why they did choose this, as Biolene isn’t as silky smooth – hopefully, technology can change this soon!

How To Use The Womanizer Premium Eco

The Premium Eco is similar to other clitoral suction toys in terms of use, however, I couldn’t quite believe how quiet it was! I also love how it only turns on when it touched your skin. This is called the “Smart Silence Technology” and works as a touch sensor.

If you haven’t used a clit sucker before, simply place it over that area and fiddle around with the settings. It can take a few attempts to hit your clit, but when you do, you’ll know. Oh boy, you’ll know 😉

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