Penis Condoms

Condoms for penises are made of very thin latex (you can get non-latex ones) that cover the penis to stop semen from entering the vagina and help reduce the spread of most STIs.

Check out this Instagram reel on how to put a condom on a consenting penis!

Types Of Penis Condoms

There are many different types of condoms available to help enhance both of your pleasures, so there really isn't any excuse to not wear them and protect you and your partner(s).

Ribs & Dots

These condoms have two sections of ribs, on the top and at the base, which adds stimulation in just the right place for vulva owners and they have wider bulb-like tips, and a more contoured shape.

This increases penis comfort and allows nerve endings to remain in their most sensitive state.

Flavoured Condoms

These types of condoms are meant to add a dimension to oral sex.

Sensitive/Thin Feel Condoms

These condoms help with the classic complaint 'I cant feel anything'. They are thinner than most condoms.

Warming Condoms

These condoms contain a warming lubricant that is activated by natural body moisture and heated up during sexual intercourse. The gentle, warm sensations aim to enhance pleasure for both partners.

Cooling Condoms

These work the same as warming condoms but with a cooler feel which also heightens sensation.

Extra Thick Condoms

These condoms are extra thick and come with extra lube inside. The thicker latex decreases sensation which can allow you to last longer during sex.

Never double up condoms, this will not provide extra protection, instead, they can rub together and break!

Pros Of Penis Condoms

✅ Condoms are the ONLY method that protects against pregnancy.
✅ You only need to use them when you have sex, unlike hormonal contraceptives.
✅ There are no serious side effects, although if you find it causes you irritation you may have a latex allergy.
✅ They come in different shapes, sizes, textures, colours and flavours which can make sex more fun, or intense.
✅ They’re easily available, you can get these free from your local sexual health clinics (UK)
✅ You can use them in addition to other methods like hormonal contraception.
✅ You can use them on sex toys, especially when sharing or with anal.
✅ They make great DIY dental dams, see the video.

Cons Of Penis Condoms

❌ Sometimes they can split or slip.
❌ Some people find talking about condoms a 'mood killer'.
❌ Some argue it decreases sensation although there is little proof for this.

Internal Condoms

internal condom diagram

Internal condoms work like other condoms except they sit in the vagina and cover the penis. They are usually made from polyurethane instead of latex which means any type of lube can be used with them.

These tend to be a lot more fiddly compared to other condoms but they are great for those who want control over their protection and sadly for those who are worried about Stealthing.

Check out his Instagram reel on how they work!

Pros Of Internal Condoms

✅ Condoms are the ONLY method that protects against STIs
✅ You only need to use them when you have sex, unlike some hormonal contraceptives
✅ There are no serious side effects.
✅ They are not made from latex and are wider than most condoms, so should be comfier.
✅ You can use internal condoms even if you are using medication down there!
✅ You can use them in addition to other methods like hormonal contraception.
✅ You can use them with oil-based lubes, unlike regular penis condoms.

Cons Of Internal Condoms

❌ Sometimes they can slip or get pushed inside the vagina
❌ It can be difficult to get the penis into the condom rather than in-between
❌ They tend to be harder to find

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