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A happy, healthy digital world of sex ed.

fumble sex ed charity

"Right now, young people are really struggling:  the challenges that we face when it comes to  sex, relationships, our identities and our mental  health are massive – especially in the digital  world.  

Things like sexting, porn, ‘revenge porn’, online  bullying and grooming, self-harm and suicide  ideation, toxic ideologies getting us hooked on  harmful ideas of gender, particularly  masculinity, and more.

We turn to the internet, but the content is currently rubbish:  uninspiring, unhealthy, or even unsafe."

This is where Fumble comes in.

Their Mission

Fumble is a new, award-winning youth charity in the UK. Their aim is to create a happy,  healthy digital world of sex education: by young people, for young people. 

They cover relationships, sex, healthy bodies (and changes during puberty), gender  and sexuality, and mental health. 

Fumble especially work to meet the needs of young people who have traditionally been overlooked in the mainstream provision of sex ed: 

💜 LGBTQ+ young people 

💜 Those living with disability

💜 Those struggling with their mental health

💜 Those from minority ethnic groups in the UK.

I am very proud to say i'm an ambassador for Fumble and the work this charity does will really help make sure that the future young adults do not have the same sex ed we did - any donations will make help make this a closer reality.

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