Womb Cancer

Womb Cancer

Evie Plumb ·

Womb cancer or Uterine/endometrial cancer as other countries may call it, is the 4th most common cancer for ‘women’ in the UK and it the most common gynaecological cancer – over 9,300 people being diagnosed each year.

Womb cancer usually begins in the endometrium (womb lining), where the cells shed each month when having a period.

It is more common post-menopause, although 1 in 4 people are diagnosed pre-menopausal. 

Symptoms of Womb Cancer

  • Feeling of pressure in the pelvis, lowe abdomen or back of legs.
  • Build-up of fluid in the legs or belly.
  • Blood in pee or poop
  • Pain during sex, peeing & pooping
  • Lack of appetite and weightloss
  • Difficulty breathing

DONT feel silly for going to the doctor, no matter how small it seems, its YOUR body and you know it better than them!

Treatments for Womb Cancer

Once you and your doctor are aware of the stage of your cancer you can consider treatment options. Depending on the stage womb cancer is usually treated by a combination of surgery, radiation, chemo or hormone therapy.

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